In my artistic journey, the act of painting becomes a profound quest to construct a world that lies in the subtle and ambiguous interplay between the conscious and unconscious realms. Each stroke of the brush, every deliberate choice of color and composition, contributes to the creation of this compressed and multi-layered dimension. It is within this artistic realm that I immerse myself in a rigorous and ceaseless exploration, delving deep into the essence of my interior life.

The development of my unique visual language is an ever-evolving process, one that is deeply personal and introspective. Through my art, I seek to understand the complexities of my emotions and experiences, giving form and expression to the intangible threads that connect my innermost thoughts and feelings. Each canvas becomes a mirror reflecting the intricacies of my psyche, and in turn, invites the viewers to contemplate their own inner worlds.

The painting process itself is a profound journey of self-discovery, characterized by a dance of constant annihilation and inclusion. I embrace the chaos of creation, tearing down existing forms to make way for new revelations. It is through this process of destruction and reconstruction that my art finds its voice and resonates with authenticity.

Experimentation is at the core of my artistic practice. I fearlessly push the boundaries of color, exploring its emotional depth and symbolic power. Shapes become vessels of meaning, and their arrangement takes on an almost poetic significance. Composition becomes a language of its own, narrating stories that lie beyond the surface of the canvas.

As I engage with the formal lexicon of art, I discover a profound tool for articulating my emotional struggles. The brush becomes an extension of my soul, translating my innermost conflicts and joys onto the blank canvas. Each artwork is a reflection of my journey, capturing moments of vulnerability and strength, anxiety and hope, despair and resilience.

Within this process, I strive to find a delicate balance that is uniquely my own. My art becomes a reflection of the intricate dance between light and shadow within me, and I seek to capture the essence of this intimate interplay. It is through this artistic expression that I hope to offer glimpses of universality, resonating with others who may recognize fragments of their own stories within my work.

In the end, my art is not confined to the boundaries of the canvas; it is an invitation to engage with the human experience, to explore the depths of our shared emotions and vulnerabilities. Through the act of creation, I find solace and understanding, and it is my sincerest wish that my art may also serve as a mirror for others, revealing the beauty and complexity of our inner worlds.

We all carry things.